Need flashback ideas!

I’m writing a story and the main character is moving away. Well on the plane she thinks back to all the memories she’s made over her whole with her family and friends. She lived in New York and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with ideas of things she would be looking back on and things she could have done with her friends and family in New York throughout her life.


Maybe a memory of when everyone was together on the dining table, joking around and laughing.
When her friends were tickling her.

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Ouuu I like that idea thank you!

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Glad that I could help!
If i get more ideas, I share it!

How about when she and her friends/family used to talk about a plan to do something or go somewhere but was never able to do so?

Hi! @Koda.Stories
you can do when she flashback at her memories at new york she flashback with her friends that she have fun going out and her family when she talk to them but like when she was little and was having great time

Or maybe a funny moment like when someone of the mc’s family falls/ get pushed into the swimming pool?

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