Need for a alarm clock overlay

I want a overlay of an alarm clock of time 8:00 Am…

Hi, just made two for ya :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: These are digital – not sure if you wanted analog!

digital clock

digital clock 2

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These are nice…
Thank u…
But I need simple old fashioned alarm clock
But also thank u for sharing with me😊

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Here’s a traditional one if you want it

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Thank you very much… I was searching for these only… I will definitely use it…
Thank you😊

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Can u make that as overlay by removing background

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is the background gone now?

i removed the background for you but whenever i upload it here it automatically adds it back, do you have anything else i can message it to you on?

Ah yeah I forgot forums for some reason adds the background back in :woozy_face: we’d probably need something else like ur email or insta or something so people can send transparent stuff

Thank u… So much… It helped