Need for an Art Scene! URGENT!

Hey guys! I need help! I need an artist or an editor to help me with an art scene. The episode is supposed to be out in 2 weeks and I need some quick help!
I want someone who can create a similar scene. Any help?

Hi! I searched this picture up on google, and it is from Pinterest: meaning you are not allowed to use it in your story as it is copyrighted.! Just thought to let you know. :blob_sun:

i second this. you can’t edit it either

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oh I know. Just put it up there so I can show what kind of posture I want the characters to be in. I would never use a copyrighted art scene.


you can request at my art shop

Line123462’s free art shop (Open) - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

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Weird… If you know, why would you ask for help to edit it… :melting_face:

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please re-read my request because probably misunderstood. I asked for an editor or an artist who can help me with an art scene, a similar one to the photo. Not an edit of the exact photo.
Can you help me?


Hiya. My commisions are open. I can create an art piece similar to that. I will leave a link below containing example arts, prices and more information.

PM me here or DM me on instagram @raven_author so we can talk some more :blush:

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she put the art as a reference for the artist or the editor

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I could help you if it’s still relevant

yes it is. I would appreciate it if you did

If ur still in need of it check out my art shop!

if you still need it I can do the art scene you are requesting
I’m a commissioned artist (means that my works are not free but I’m cheap if you are interested dm me to know more)

this are some of my works



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