Need for background :)

For a new episode story I’m in need for a backgrund of a church where a funeral is held.
Like… Benches and a lectern maybe with some flowers. Can someone help me?

All the love,

I’ll see if I can get one.
Do you want a closed casket?
Or an empty open one?
Or no casket.

Oh I’m so happy someone replied!

A closed casket would be great but if t’s too much to ask no casket



Tell me if you don’t like it. I can make another one.

Oh I really like it!
If it’s not too much to ask, are you able to make a small background of lecturn? I hope you know what I mean.
But thank you for everything!
Do you have an instagram account I can give credit to?

I don’t have an instagram acc. but can you tell me the name of your story so I can read it?

I’m still in my writing process, so it’s not out yet, but I will tell you (replying here) when I’ll publish it!
Is there any other acc of you I can give credit to?

Nope, no acc.

I dont really care.

You don’t care about the credit or the story? :joy:

The credits sry. :wink:

It’s alright!
Thank you again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t wanna annoy you, but are you able to do a Background with only the lecturn?
If not, that’s totally fine of course!
Thanks for your time!


Thank you!


Thank you so much! Is it possible to make it a bit smaller so somebody can stand in front of it?

No, sorry

Okay, thank you anyways!