Need for help with editing

Hewooo, Im trying to learn how to edit and im starting on ink. Everyones told me to use ibispaint so i downloaded it but its really confusing and i still cant figure out how to make them png.

So if anyone could help me thatd be amazing thank you so much in advance :heart::sparkles:

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You can see a arrow facing left in the bottom right side. Click on that and you will get options like settings, save as transparent png, save as png and back to my gallery. Choose transparent png if you want the background to me transparent. Choose save as png if you want to save it as png.

Hope this helps.

Someone stole my dad’s phone :cry: So I can’t show you the screenshot.

In my phone it doesnt show as a png or a transparent bg thats what i really need is just my character for edits uk? Idk how to do that and i keep saving it as a transparent png but its not working

I mainly use PicArt for edits and splashes.

It’s easier than ibispaint.

If you want your characters to be transparent png then use background eraser app.

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