Need for testreaders

Hi. At the moment my story is 5 full chapters long. Currently working on 6th one.
And i think i really need some kind of proof-reading.
The story is ROMANCE genre.
Story name: I’m in love with a fairytale.

The story is about a gril coming from small village into big city who meets her biggest celebrity crush. Everything takes place in Europe.
I need honest reviews and i wanna know next things:
Are the chapters long/short enough?
Does the story make sense?
Is it boring/interesting/funny/etc?
And perhaps i should change some things.
Story also contains several type of art and i also need to know should i lose them or make more.
Thank you.


I can test read !

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I could test read

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Hey, I have much experience with this, I can do it, if you still need :slightly_smiling_face:

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