Need free art? Get it here! (NOW OPEN MWAHH | Goth's art thread ❤️🫶)

Hey Episode, it’s me again, Goth! Need…

-character art

-art scenes



-profile pictures and anything in between or even character comic slides? Well look no further cause’ I’m here to tackle it for free! (I know… sigh… Yes, I know, I couldn’t stay gone for long.)


Stuff you ought to know…

I have two rendering styles, so please choose one! If you don’t, it’s okay!! I’ll default to one or the other.


Rendering style A.

Rendering style B.


Art style B:

More stuff you ought to know? (Rules!)

-If I missed you on the previous thread, please know that you don’t have to resubmit because I’m coming back for you.

-If you’ve submitted a request already and have had art done then feel more than free to submit again or even another time after that! It doesn’t matter how many you’ve submitted beforehand I will still try my best to get a drawing done for you!

-I will be doing these on my own time completely. It may take me awhile or quickly, but if you have a deadline, let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfill it. I have a lot more time on my hands but I also have other projects I’m working on! I will also try to get everyone on this thread and do my best to get it soon :,)

-ALSO PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE ME DETAILS ON YOUR CHARACTERS PERSONALITIES! Anything else other than the type of drawing you want is completely optional, but character personality details ARE NOT! Please tell me what your character is like so I can capture them accordingly.

-There’s no slots, just drop your request! I’m taking unlimited requests and going to try to cover ya’ll regardless

To finish up!

Want more examples? Never fear, I’m here to deliver!

Rendering style C rules

Okay, first off, this painting style actually legit takes hours. Since this is a free comission, I’ll only be taking 1-3 requests at a time. It can’t be overly complicated so please feel free to request and I’ll let you know what I can and can’t do. This one will take the longest :frowning: If you do decide to request, thanks!

You’ll be put on a waiting list, but keep in mind, the waiting list is only for rendering style C, there’s no waiting list for the others.

-Waiting list!

Also uhm… you need a password. Send it to me in a message instead of commenting. Thanks!


Comic rules

Your comic will be fully colored and rendered, keep in mind it will be very short though, so just let me know more about what you’d like for the scene.


Thanks everyone! Looking forward to drawing your fantastic characters!
(Also hoping to give ya’ll little animations so keep your eyes open for that!)


Welcome back @Goth :hugs:


Tysmmmmmmmmmmmm!!~ :hugs: :blob_hearts:


How much I love your art style! :heart_eyes::bat:


Uuuu welcome back!


Ahh thank you smmmm!! I appreciate it lotss!!! :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :pleading_face:


I’m here again :see_no_evil:
I would like a two-character art of my BFF and I :innocent: if possible.

My details:

My bff

(don’t have a character card for her so I hope this image is enough :smiling_face_with_tear:)

*A few things about my character…She’s very shy, also an introvert, loves music a lot(k-pop too), loves K-drama as well, loves reading, and her favorite color is black.
*A few things about my girl…Unlike me she’s not a shy type, she also loves K-drama as much as I do but is not really a fan of K-pop and she is an ambivert.


Outfit for the both of us, mine black while hers should be the same color as above.

As for the style…Rendering style A is perfect.


OMG GOTH UR BACKKKK!!! Yayyyyyy!!!


Hey, you’re back! I love your beautiful art, you’re the sweetest for wanting to do this for everyone :purple_heart: :blush:


I know u just started again, but I’m back with another request :purple_heart: :melting_face: :joy:

Request 1

Pose reference:
Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 21.55.28

Request 2

Pose reference:
Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 21.57.45

Can you have him less smiley, with blood dripping from his mouth? (He’s a vamp)

Have them done whenever you’re ready, no rush!


Ohhh my, Klaus Mikealson :eyes:



Hey @Goth thanks for tagging me!!!

I was wondering if you could maybe do something g like this?


female cc and outfit

A bit about her is that she’s a head strong person. She’s not afraid to fight back. She’s bold and confident. When she has one thing on her mind she will make sure she gets it

male cc and and outfit

A little bout him is that he’s very dark. He’s also a detective. His past keeps on haunting him. He’s ver protective over the ones he loves tho. He’s very quiet and only tends to be with the people he knows and trusts.

Can it be an IG post size please. So any square. Let me know if you need anything else. Oh and any night New York City bg will be great


:joy: :purple_heart:

Who doesn’t like him?!

(Actually, probably everyone who ever watched the vampire diaries :joy: )


:joy: Well, I know that I freaking love him. He’s my 2nd fav character. :eyes::bat:

Also, if you want to continue this convo, lets take it to PMs so we don’t disturb this topic.


Fair enough


Hello!! Welcome back!! :blob_hearts: Here’s my request :smiling_face:


Her name is Tasha!! She’s very bookish, a bit of a hipster, and has a closed-off personality. She loves writing poetry, alternative indie music, and classic novels.


His name is Wilder!! He’s the definition of a teddy bear- tough on the outside, but sot on the inside. He’s very laidback and into books, philosophy, and metalcore bands. He and Tasha have a friends-to-lovers thing going on. In this art scene, he and Tasha are in her room trading their favorite books (his is catcher in the rye and Tasha’s is jane eyre) and listening to vinyl records. He’s just found out that Tasha kissed the story’s other LI, Keegan, and he’s a bit jealous. Tasha tells him it was just once, and then Wilder leans in and whispers, “I wonder what it would be like to kiss you just once” and they share their first kiss ;u;


They’re both sitting on the floor with books around them, the LI is all flirty and leaning in to kiss the MC, and the MC is nervous and blushing <3 the guy has a finger under her chin, but she isn’t touching him lol

The MC is sat like this

The LI is sat like this

Let me know if you need anything else!!! Thank you so much!! <3


I’d like to request a cover with rendering style A

Character details

Female athletic body, Neutral 03
Straight thin, black dark
Long Updo Wavy Princess Braid, black dark
Round Medium, ice blue
Round soft
Round button upturned
Full round pouty, pink peach medium matte
Outfit: The outfit shown
Studded Belt Leather Black
Stud Jewel Drop
Off Shoulder Halter Cotton Tropical
Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black
Elastic Heeled Open Toed Heels Pleather Yellow
Nose Stud Silver
Arm Floral Tattoo Solid
Personality: Outgoing, positive, likes bright colours, is in college, athletic, loves swimming

Male generic body, gold 02
Straight Medium, light brown
Long Top Messy Curls, ash blonde
Narrow Almond Deep Smiling, blue deep
Triangle Defined Chin
Straight Pointed
Medium Heart, beige gold matte
outfit: the one shown
Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Grey Black
Long Chain Ring Necklace Metal Grey Black
Open Polo Belted Tight Shirt Cotton Grey Black
Ripped Knee Rocker Jeans Denim Blue Oxford
Contractor Boots Leather Grey Black
Lace Forearm Tattoo Solid
Personality: also outgoing, likes to make people laugh, has a bit of a goofy personality


Have her look at with an annoyed expression, and have him looking at her smiling.

Let me know if you need anymore information


Hey!! Welcome back!! Ill drop my request later
Can you save one spot?


omg hii youre back!!

beware of long message :)

So first of all welcome back, lovely! How have you been? :yay: I hope everything went well while you were gone! Even though it wasn’t even that long, but not that I mind of course. :eyes:
As you probably might have already noticed, we all are happy to have you back at it again! I personally will try my best not to request like on the first day, because believe me sweetheart, I am obsessed with your art, so I would definitely be able to request something. :rofl: No in all honesty, I also want others to request like… first? So like people who didn’t request or didn’t request that much on your previous thread, can submit their requests first now. :blob_sun:
But don’t worry, I’m coming for ya when you least expect it. :smiling_face:
Also just sayin… I personally feel that your art improved again when I saw your examples and I was just like: “How is she so quick-” like… damn. Did you take enough breaks? Because if not everyone is gonna be a worried tomato because they feel like they would take up a lot of your time and you don’t have time for yourself. But I mean you did write that you have more time now, so I’m guessing you already answered that question. :lol:
But yeah what I’m trying to say: The community is glad to have you back. As a creator and artist but also as a PERSON :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


Athena :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

P.S: Irene says Hi again :see_no_evil: