Need FREE BACKGROUNDS for my story!

Hey episodians!

I’ve spent the last hour searching for free backgrounds for my story, without success.
So I was wondering if any of you had backgrounds for a kind of futuristic place, ideally in the tones of white. Basically, I need somewhere where my characters who possess supernatural abilities would meet up and train their super powers. Sort of like a headquarters.

Thank you very much! It would help a lot!

I could change the brightness and make one if you have inspo pics it might take me 2 - 1 hours or 2 days depending on details

Sure I would love that, thank you!
Here are some inspo pics:

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do you want a schoolroom vibe to be like a chalk board desk or any like that cus I could make two background for you

That could be great too! So sure thx! :slight_smile:

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one last thing before I start do you have anything you want for sure describe what your thinking the best you can and do you have a name for the headquarters

Well I’d love if there could be like a vast room for physical training such as pics 1-2-4 and some place with more of technological devices more like pics 3-5 that could be used for tracking other people with supernatural abilities. Your idea of the schoolroom vibe would also be great for making plans or teaching stuff, ideally in the same kind of white futuristic vibe. That’s pretty much what I thought about but whatever you’ll do, I’ll be very thankful for! Also I’ll credit you in my story ofc :slight_smile:

ok the first once should be done soon ill provide you with chairs to go with the overlays

here’s your technological device room I can change it if you would like

tech room

overlays and extra

overlays and blank room


I’ll redo the chair overlay if you want

Ohh it actually looks pretty cool!!! I think it’s perfect tysm!

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I’ll do the others tomorrow
For you

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here are the others to let me know if you want to change anything btw the school bored is just a sticker from my app I used