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I will be giving reads and reviews.


  • Read my story Confidential (3 episodes)
  • Send me a screenshot on what chapters you read so I can get started on your story right away!
  • If you follow me on instagram @victoriajoy_episode you get 2 more chapters read!!! (MEANING 5 CHAPTERS FOR YOU AND 3 FOR ME! SUCH A DEAL!)
    (P.S.: IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM IT IS OKAY! You’ll just get 3 chapters read.

Sounds easy enough right? :grin:

I hope you enjoy my story and I know I’m going to enjoy yours :heart_eyes:

TITLE: Confidential
AUTHOR: Victoria Smith (@victoriajoy_episode)
GENRE: Drama/Romance
DESCRIPTION: You are in a secret relationship. The relationship is hard to manage when you are in love with your best friend while your boyfriend is still maturing. Who will you choose?


  • Full character customization
  • Limelight
  • Major choices
  • Mature drama
  • Unique story
  • original backgrounds
  • Love story with drama
  • Welcomed feedback

CHAPTERS: 3 chapters are out, more coming soon

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I’d love it if you’d give my story a try! I recently started it and I’m trying to get more readers. I’ll try out your too!
Title: Girl Of Deception
Description: Aria Lamar has is all. She’s rich, beautiful and smart. But she’s an arrogant jerk and has no compassion. Little does she know that’s all about to change.
Here’s the link:

I’d love it if you’d recommend my story if you like it and I’m open to any feedback!

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Great. Make sure you follow those steps I gave and remember… If you follow me on instagram @victoriajoy_episode then you get two more reads!!! :grin: I will add your story to my favorites.

Hey! I read your story and I think it’s great! It’s super relatable and interesting! I love your character’s they’re very deep and different (the good kind). I like the format of the story, your plot is very good. As promised here’s the screenshot I took:
I hope you like my story as much as I liked yours! I’ll put your story on my recommendation list in my feed. My feed name is just IDONTKNOW.

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My story is called Alleyway! Just released! Do me a favour a check it out!! I will definetly go see yours!

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