Need friends :D

Hi hello bonjour!

My name is allie, i am from the “city of love” paris and i am sixteen years old i go by the she/her pronounce i am new to the formus community i recently started planning my new story and im really bad coding lol my hobbies are playing basketball,painting,watching kdramas lol,listening to music i really love to hear kpop songs its one of my favorite genre i really like to watch series in Netflix and i recently started editing lol [ my pfp ] ig its good but bad im quite proud though since its my first edit also i am still learning stick around so i would love to have a friend who can talk to me or can help me around i am available here and on Instagram my user is @adoreallie

Thank you so much for reading till here
You can have a cookie :cookie: :smiley:

Till next time
au revoir :lotus:


OMG hiii, I’m Dee. Welcome to the community! I also like listening to Kpop and I enjoy k dramas. I’m actually gonna stay up and watch the finals episodes of the Glory on Netflix. But, if you need someone to talk to we can definitely talk on here :blush: or Instagram and my Instagram is @dees_epi :slight_smile:

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Hii! Nice to meet you dee, I would love to be your friend! I would like to communicate through Instagram since im more active there! Ill drop a follow

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