Need Friends to Fangirl with me


Hi! I’m new here in the forum and I am kind of looking for friends so I could fangirl over my favorite stories:

Here is the link to my insta :blush:

^ I usually post stuff about my favorite stories and recommended stories


Hi! I added you back :smile: ! Thank you!


added you! my name on insta is @clarkie.eps and I love to analyze the hell out stories lol


followed! :slight_smile: what stories do you read?


Followed you <3


He Can’t Tame Me, My Sugar Baby Affair, Reputation, The Revival, Torched in Flames, With or Without You, The Ruby Tiara, The Trophy Wife, The Five Elementals, Killer Instincts, The Rise and Fall of Noah Cage, Rebounding with Storm, Pretty Woman, Online Celebrity Lover, and Toxic Fame


Lol, I love The Rise and Fall of Noah Cage! :smiley:


I’m really hoping the story gets continued it’s soooo good!!! And such like a genuine romance in just a few episodes, that’s really hard to write, at least for me. But she does such a good job at it!!! There’s also so much drama. Definitely one of my faves


ooooh it sounds good. I should check it out too!



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