Need general opinions on personal topic 💗

Hey all! It’s been a while since I visited this forum. I need general opinions on a personal problem I have.

Last year, i did blonde highlights in my hair. I got so many compliments on my hair and I’ve gotten so used to how I look. Last month I re-colored my hair to keep the color looking new, and I paid 130BD ($345). This is what my hair looks like

This year, I changed schools, and after three weeks of school beginning, I’m starting to get punished for my hair color. I was not told about this rule when I came for the placement test for this school and they are only telling me this now. I tried negotiating with them a lot & my parents as well, but they continued giving me detention and punishing me. I’m so used to my hair and I refuse to color it, especially since I paid so much and my hair is very damaged already, so I started wearing a hijab to school (which is not very sustainable for me).

I want to get some real opinions on this. Do you think I should dye my hair back to dark brown? Or should I just continue wearing the hijab? Is there a way to temporarily color my hair? Pls let me know :heart:


You’re so beautiful…you have those pretty brown eyes…regarding your topic, I can’t even imagine how someone can punish someone else because of the hair color? Like chill, it’s not your business. Personally I’m afraid you’ll have to dye it back to brown because it can cause you problems, and arguing is pretty much useless as you describe. Then again, if you’re uncomfortable with wearing a hijab, i guess you’ll have to consider what is more uncomfortable: wearing a hijab or getting punished for a hair color…again, I don’t even understand why the hair color matter that much…


Hey girl,

I love your hair, right now. And I actually loved how it was before, too. Natural hair colors are amazing. :heart: Let it grow out (during the time of growing out, you can wear your hijab to stop those punishments and detentions.) I feel sorry for you, you go through those detentions and punishments.
Dying your hair back, will damage your hair a little further. It also will save you some money, if you don’t. :zipper_mouth_face:
But @ChanelTheHBIC has a point, too. Do what you’re more comfortable with → wearing a hijab or getting punished for a hair-color again.

Love A-W

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Thank you for your reply :heart: I think I’ll take your advice and let it grow out while wearing the hijab.
Thank you :blush:

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Thank you so much :heartpulse::heartpulse:
Also I agree with you, it’s such a stupid rule like it’s none of their business. I’m honestly not comfortable doing either that’s why I asked the question… so thank you for your reply :heartpulse:


agree, you are so beautiful :heart_eyes:
do as your heart tells you…
you will be beautiful in any way)

First, how gorgeous are you?! Seriously. lol

But, if your hair is severely damaged, do not put permanent dye on it. Even though going darker is a gentler process, it’s still a heavily chemical process. I would recommend

It’s much better for your hair than regular store-bought box dyes, imo.

The fact that you paid so much for the current color and it’s only within school hours that you can’t show it off, I would continue wearing your hijab during that time BUT if it’s as big of an issue for you, I recommend Arctic Fox.

Also, Aussie Miracle Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner does amazing things when used a couple times a week to repair damaged dyed hair. I had SUPER fried hair after letting a “stylist” bring my hair from teal/aqua blue and platinum blonde back to a “normal” brunette color. I used the 3minute conditioner (I left it for five lol) and Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask saved my hair after all the processing that woman did to my head.

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A little bit expensive but the result is pretty ok

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