Need Help - A bit confused

So I have a horde of zombies coming in from the foreground. All the others except ZOMBIE4 and ZOMBIE14 do their walking animations but then stop and are idle. It looks awkward and doesn’t fit the scene at all.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx code:

&MAYA is idle_terrified AND RIAN faces right AND RIAN is idle_punch AND LISSA faces left
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 3 using easein

&ZOMBIE14 spot 0.440 349 305 AND ZOMBIE14 faces left
&ZOMBIE15 spot 0.256 -26 410 AND ZOMBIE15 faces right
&ZOMBIE2 spot 0.563 -47 252 AND ZOMBIE2 faces right
&ZOMBIE spot 1.409 -75 -287 AND ZOMBIE faces left AND ZOMBIE is idle_rear
&ZOMBIE3 spot 0.998 383 -58 AND ZOMBIE3 is idle_rear
&ZOMBIE4 spot 1.660 307 -638 and ZOMBIE4 is idle_rear
&ZOMBIE14 moves to layer 16 AND ZOMBIE15 moves to layer 17 AND ZOMBIE2 moves to layer 18 AND ZOMBIE moves to layer 19 AND ZOMBIE3 moves to layer 20 AND ZOMBIE4 moves to layer 21
sound gurgling
&ZOMBIE4 walks to spot 1.660 221 -462 in 3 AND ZOMBIE4 does it while walk_rear AND ZOMBIE4 faces right THEN ZOMBIE4 is idle_rear - This zombie is supposed to do the idle_rear animation but is idle
&ZOMBIE2 walks to spot 0.563 31 251 in 3 AND ZOMBIE2 does it while walk_exhausted THEN ZOMBIE2 is idle_exhausted
@pause for 0.3
sound roar_monster2
&ZOMBIE3 walks to spot 0.998 312 -18 in 4 AND ZOMBIE3 does it while walk_rear AND ZOMBIE3 faces right THEN ZOMBIE3 is idle_rear AND ZOMBIE3 faces right
@pause for 1
&ZOMBIE14 walks to spot 0.440 241 305 in 4 AND ZOMBIE14 does it while walk_exhausted THEN ZOMBIE14 is frustrated - This zombie is supposed to do the scream animation but is idle
sound roar_monster
@pause for 0.4
&ZOMBIE walks to spot 1.409 46 -254 in 3 AND ZOMBIE does it while walk_rear AND ZOMBIE faces left THEN ZOMBIE is idle_rear AND ZOMBIE faces left
&ZOMBIE15 walks to spot 0.256 8 412 in 3 AND ZOMBIE14 does it while walk_exhausted THEN ZOMBIE15 is idle_wounded

@pause for 4

&zoom on 121 244 to 245% in 1 using easein


This is what it looks like.

I’ve played around with the coding but can’t get it right.

Use the THEN code after the walking command & add in your animation you want the zombies to be after walking.

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That’s what I did but it still doesn’t seem to work.

did you try to put a short pause before they start walking? like @pause for 0.5

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Thanks! Tried this but worked for only one of the zombies. ZOMBIE14 is still doing idle.

try with @ you have a pause for 4 anyway so you can use one zombie like a pause, hopefully it will work

Hooray this worked! Thanks again.

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