Need help about "teaser"

I am a new authour and going to publish my first 6 episode today. But before that I really need to know what is a teaser, what is the use of it and why should we use it, where and when?

Any relevant reply about “TEASER” is much anticipated and would be a great help to me. And can you guys advise me about - “How to getting a lot of readers for my story? I’m not much of a social being, so I don’t have any friend in this community or in the community sites. So, your feedback may help me a lot to write, publish & getting readers for my first ever written story (6th chapter ongoing). I’ve already posted a thread in the 'Promote Your story Section”. Anything besides that I should do to get the maximum number of readers for my first yet-to-be-published story?
I’d love to hear from you people.

Ani Ray


Um I really have no clue on the teaser. For promoting, u can do r4r and promote on here, people make threads for that. Also u could get more readers if u create an insta account to keep reader updated and give them sneak peeks and stuff. Oh and u said u dont have any friends, u can pm me if u want. For the most part everyone is pretty friendly on here.

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I can help get you some reads I have a little over 300 followers on insta I can give you a shoutout and make you a video edit if you send me a few screenshots from your story :blush: (only if you want) and I think you should make a insta for episode related stuff a lot are on insta :grin:


Firstly, thanks for replying. My Instagram ID is gamer.ani.
But I’ve not posted anything there yet about my story.
Your offer sounds very much lucrative & thanks for trying to help me out.
Can I post you my story’s first 6 episodes here?
Thanks again! :blush:


U can but it might get flagged for spam, so I would post it on a thread specifically for promoting. Do u want me to send u a link to a few of the threads for promoting?

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teaser is basically a short summary of what to expect that episode. you can only do it from episode 2 onwards.

Episode 1 - this is where the descriptiom of your story will show
Episode 2- if you decide to add a teaser it will be what to expect for example if your story was about a boy finding his lost parents. episode could just be about the parents and then they go missing and for a teaser you can add: NAME’s parents vanished last night? What will he do?

The summarise this a teaser is basically a really short summary of that episode. Hope that helps.


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