Need help adding overlays<3

I really need help on how to add an overlay every time I do it the overlay don’t show up please help on how to script it.

u can see joseph evans tutorial, they’re very helpful

I did try that but for some reason when I tried to add the overlay there was no errors or anything it just didn’t show up in the scene and I don’t know why

can uh share the script?

Make sure to use the command here:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1

As @/Winteronepisode said to use that command, but even after using that, u can’t see…

Then the overlay is probably on another zone…zoom out and you’ll find it.
Then, scale and shift your overlay to the place you want.

If you want to add the overlay with the background already the code would be like this for example:

INT.BEDOOM-DAY with BOXES in zone (specify zone) at layer (specify zone)

If you want to add the overlay in the middle of a scene then it would look like this, for example:

@overlay BOXES create
@overlay BOXES opacity 1 in 0

opacity info:

  • #is from 0 to 1 (or 0% to 100%)
  • 0 is completely invisible (hidden, gone, cannot see)
  • 1 is very visible (the whole overlay is there and you can see it completely)
  • 0.5 is see through, and anything between 0 and 1 (ie: 0.33, 0.72, 0.845…) makes the overlay see through

​you can also learn more about overlays here

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