Need help! (Advanced Spot directing, zooming, panning)

I’ll try my best to explain my issue. (I wish the forums had voice messages, it would be so much easier if I could explain by talking instead of typing)… Anyways!! I’ve recently gotten back into writing my story and have had to restart everything due to coding errors and corrupt files or something like that. idk. i’m not that tech savvy so i don’t know what’s going on tbh​:sob::sob:. Anyways, I decided I’ll just restart my whole story since it was old anyways. IM HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH PANNING, ZOOMING AND SPOT DIRECTING !!! at the very start of my episode I have


&zoom on 349 0 to 329% in 0
&pan to zone 2 in 4
&ADELINE walks to spot 0.965 72 121 in zone 2

that’s worked out fine for me. I’m happy with that. HOW DO I CONTINUE NOW? how do I start another coding area and do more zooming and panning without it resetting anything? someone help i’m getting real frustrated :sob:

idk if this made much sense, but basically whenever i try to start a new line of coding and do more spot directing by getting her to move somewhere or zoom somewhere else, it just resets my previous text :unamused:

If any of y’all can help, that would be great. Or if anyone can give over all tips on spot directing and allat that would be so helpful!!:white_heart:

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Hey :heart: I didn’t really understand but I’m going to explain in the best way possible.

I’m not sure what you mean by how you continue? If I’m understanding correctly, just use another zoom, and Adeline walks over to there to her friend, for example, and some dialog will be written there?

Maybe it would be better for you to send what you’re writing to try and continue?

I did a quick example for you if it will help you in anyway!

An Example. Maybe test this code in and see how you feel about it? 🎁

&zoom on 349 0 to 329% in 0
&pan to zone 2 in 3

#OR @zoom on 349 0 to 329% in 3
#Pan or Zoom would work either way

#(Spot direct Adeline out of screen so when she enters she doesn’t enter from the corner, but straight ahead)
&ADELINE spot 0.965 274 121 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND ADELINE faces right

@ADELINE walks to spot 0.965 72 121 in zone 2 in 2.5
@pause for 1

@speechbubble is 160 237 to 100%
Finally, |bold|I’m back.

&ADELINE is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop
@zoom on 351 328 to 329% in 2

sound dundundun
@ADELINE is primp_neutral
@pause for 1

#(From here, how would you continue?)
#(You can move the camera to where you want Adeline to stop walking to. Maybe a friend?)

&zoom on 611 332 to 329% in 2
@ADELINE walks to spot 0.965 248 125 in zone 2 in 2

#(Animation is here instead of beside ADELINE’s name to make a pause when she thinks.)
@ADELINE is think_rubchin
@speechbubble is 203 150 to 100% with tail_top_left
(Wow, this place hasn’t changed a single bit.)

Panning is good, but I think it’s not as flexible as zooming. You could do a simple zoom from left to right to mimic panning. I think it would be easier in the long run.
- You’ve already got that first zoom on the feet which is great, then all you want to do is move the camera to where Adeline stops walking and give it a time-- mimics panning :smile_cat:

Screenshot 2024-02-26 205514

Does your previous code just disappear, or it’s not running the correct way?

Ugh, tysm for this. I’ll try out the examples and have a look! to answer your last question, my previous code just doesn’t run the correct way when I move to the next line and try to do a code like “&zoom” and continue with Adeline walking somewhere, and the camera following her to where she walks.

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Maybe if you are using & for everything it could skip over a lot of your code if it’s walking. For zooms I usually try to not do & except at the start and walking at the same time ofc. Maybe you have & & & one after the other and it just skips over to your last zoom? Because & makes things happen all at the same time, so it could just be skipping to your last zoom.

I’d have to see the code but that’s just my guess. Hopefully I made it a bit clearer, and I don’t mind answering any more questions :face_holding_back_tears: you got this!

Tysm, you’re honestly an angel!!! If I have any questions, am I able DM you for some help? :white_heart::sob:

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Yes of course! It’s 9pm for me rn so I’ll be up if you had any questions. Ask me anytime :blush:

tysm girl :heart:

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This is due to the &. It makes all commands happen simultaneously. So if you add another command after that with the same character it’ll “overwrite” the other one. Hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:
If you want it to to have the character do one thing after another, do it like this:


#All three commands happen simultaneously
&zoom on 349 0 to 329% in 0
&pan to zone 2 in 4
@ADELINE walks to spot 0.965 72 121 in zone 2

#Both commands happen simultaneously
&zoom on [other spot]
@ADELINE walks to [other spot]

#Zoom happens first, then the walking
@zoom on [other spot]
@ADELINE walks to [other spot]

@ is like a stop sign for the script. It makes all following lines wait until this line is done.
& is like the opposite, meaning all following commands happen at the sime time.

I hope this helps a little :slight_smile:

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Omg. Tysm. I knew it was something with the & command, but I couldn’t figure out what it was!! :sob::white_heart:

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I found the tools on the side really handy for zooming using the spot direction is really easy to use once u mess around with it , if you have any questions you can message me on here :slight_smile:

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