Need help again :/

Use &. Example:

&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 7
Welcome to this manor.

Another example:
&pan to zone 3 in 2
Welcome to this house.

You can even use then/THEN to combine commands.

&pan to zone 3 in 5 then pan to zone 1 in 5

The sea, a pretty place.
Bla bla bla…

So while the NARR/NARRATOR speaks, the scene pans to the third zone in 5 seconds and then to the first zone in 5 seconds. This whole line happens while whatever is written below it also happens at the same time (if you have dialogue, it will show as the pan is happening)

Using then and & is a good way for commands to happen after one another while other things are happening. It’s good for having background characters do a bunch of animations while the MC talks, for examples.

Making your zooms and pans fancy:

Hope this helps, happy holidays :snowflake: :blue_heart: