Need help (and a co-writer?) for my goth story

Calling all goths…

So I’m working on my third story but need help figuring out what to write. I’m open to having a co-writer.

My main character is female and goth. I was thinking of giving her two romantic interests: one male, one female … or giving her one romantic interest that the reader can customize to be male or female. Maybe like a bad boy type but I’m not sure…

Anyway, let me know what ideas you have, especially if you’re someone who likes goth stories.

I already made the cover art because I was feeling inspired. (This story title may change…)

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For the time being, I made this into a dressing game:

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Woah I love the cover would you like to join episode helpers.

And i love to help you write.

Thanks! Is there a way for us to PM? I don’t know how.