Need Help ASAP-coding


Hi if anyone sees this can someone help me with an issue I am having; I was notified by a reader of mine that they cannot see the customization bar on her Ipad.

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Ipad screens are smaller than phone screens, perhaps the bar is just cut off. You can try moving things around a bit to make it fit, and if you click the guidebox tab in the preview box it’ll show you what she can see from her ipad. :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen that, but my problem is I want to move the toggles which I don’t know how?

I’m not sure, maybe move the text box via the ‘speech bubble’ tab as you preview your story, (just drag and drop) then add the code for the position to your script? If I’m thinking of the right thing here :joy: (cause by the toggles do you mean the buttons)