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I was wondering if someone can tell me how to use outside backgrounds? I’ve seen some stories with backgrounds that aren’t offered art section. Can you tell me how to do this?

Sure thing! First of all, those backgrounds that you can’t find aren’t offered but it’s you who choose the background to upload from your own computer. Here’s the following steps you need to follow :

  1. When you log into your story, you’re gonna find this tab in read, click on it

  2. Then, it will lead you to a page where there are the official episode backgrounds, you click on “Backgrounds: Available for ALL Stories” and then you will click on “Uploaded to Your Account”

  3. Then it will lead you to this page, you will click on" select image" and then upload the one you wish to involve in your story, make sure you get the correct dimensions “640px*1136px”

    After that, the Episode Team will review your background and check if it’s suitable for publishing, and then you’re done!
    Hope it helps!

Heyy I was wondering if you know how you make a character run faster,
So if 2 charaters are both running how can I make one character run faster then the other? :thinking:

&CHAR1 walks to _______ in 2 AND CHAR1 does it while run_behavior
@CHAR2 walks to _______ in 4 AND CHAR2 does it while run_behavior

Thank you! :smile:



he error is about not having a matching } when I do… I’m rlly confused… I don’t know how to correct it and I can’t preview my chapter when i rlly need to do some spot directing thank you :slight_smile:

Can you post your script?

I figured out how to do it thanks though :grin::slightly_smiling_face:

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help please my script!

With what you need help with? :thinking:

everything directing wise!

Your link doesn’t direct us anywhere other than our google drive, please make sure to send the correct link form :slight_smile:

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@CHAR is animation

@CHAR enters from left to screen right
(Just an example)

@CHAR starts animation

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Hey I made minor spelling changes to a chapter and I want to give the option to skip the chapter for people who already read it, since there was no big change or anything. But I am having trouble figuring out the coding for it


thank you very much