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How do you let a character walk while they speak?

If it’s a looping background, then have then use the dialogue animation:

CHAR (walk_talk_happy)

If it’s not a looping background:

&CHAR walks to screen right

CHAR (walk_talk_happy)

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I need help changing characters clothes in the same and different episodes…
I’ve tried every example possible but it doesn’t work…
Please help me

You can create any type of outfit you like then name it something, EX : OUTFIT_1

Then you go to the script and type (for example, if your character 's name is Becky) :

@BECKY changes into OUTFIT_1

I need to put 3 characters at the back of my screen how do i do it

what is the female gasp animation? I can’t find it anywhere…


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Hey :slight_smile: I need help. My name is Amanda and I have a problem with the episode app. When I start to read a story the app crashes. And it happens every single time. In the end I can’t read anything. What should I do?

Did you update the app?

Send the support ticket HERE

Yeah. I did :confused:

Maybe it has something to do with your phone? Which one do you use?

The thing is that I already have this app for 2 years and this issue just started 2 weeks ago.

Hi! I’m very new to episode and am wondering how to make a character leave the scene without walking thx

@remove CHAR


How can I move the view of the background?

@pan to zone #
@cut to zone #

Could someone give me a template for options of food?

How do I make the Narrator bubble look like its being said by someone else?