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Put want you want to say here!

how do i make it flash red

Here’s how :

| color:red , animation:flash:3 | Put want you want to say here!

If you know how. How do i make a little thing that says a little message pop up at the top? Sorry i dont know what its called

you type the following :

readerMessage “This text will appear on the top!”

How do you put two characters into a car and make it drive into and out of the scene

Hi! I am creating a story and I wanted to have a scene that my character is texting on the phone. I want it to show the messages that are being sent.And I don’t know how to do that. I put the background in with the overlay of the phone but when I preview my story there’s not an overlay. What can I do?

did you add a zone number to the overlay?

Oh,I haven’t. Is there a tutorial on how to understand the zone numbers?

Each background have for sure 1 zone, it can have 2, 3 or even 4

when you placing your overlay you need to add zone number (depends on which zone your scene takes place)


Alright,thank you so much. Much love. :heart: