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I know lots of people wants some help on their stories. I’m not really a professional, but I understand a lot about making stories. If anyone needs help in like a script error, maybe zooming, background problems, etc., I can help. :grin::+1:


Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions get answered! :v:t2:


In a lot of the stories, theres an episode colored bubble that can state something like “Charles will remember this” and I was wondering if thats an overlay or a script technique or if everyone just found an overlay template that looks exactly like the other ones


Hi! That’s a really good question and I have seen it to in many stories. The bubble is actually a script technique.


That bubble you’re talking about might be a reader message.
Is it this:


If it is, then the code is really easy:
readerMessage {Your Message Here}


Exactly! :+1::clap:


Alright awesome, I was wanting to put that in my story but there was no guide that I could find about it!


Glad it helped you hun. :grin:


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