Need Help! Big Episode Fan!

Hello my name is Melanie, and I have been reading episodes for such a long time. I am a disabled mother of one. I have a brain disease and muscle disease, and so figuring out the coding to write my own episode is very difficult. I am writing one in a note book but I would have no idea how to put it in episode forum to turn into a story? Does anyone think they could help me or once I am done writing it help me create it into a book and be the co-writer or whatever? I am scared to ask for help because I am disabled and not real good with these things, although I try to overcome obstacles. can anyone help me?


Maybe Watch Joseph Evan’s tutorial on Youtube ?

I did and I still don’t understand :frowning: I guess I am not meant to have a story.

Don’t say that. I’m sure you can do it.

Go check @Dara.Amarie help thread. You’ll find everything you need and people willing to help you.

yes they have helped me a lot, and i am busy with my episode 8 and i ask 1/3 of in the beginning…
But i would really help you but i can’t read your book from here in belgium know can i? lol

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And you’ll find someone in no time :grin:

I could help you if you want :slight_smile:
I’m still not that good at coding but I am Ok!
I can also help with story ideas if you want. When I first started episode I wrote terribly Lol. My characters stood on top of each other and I had no idea how to even make them talk… :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, if you like to write in INK, you could use mobile creation? Although it is limited (like no classic or limelight, only INK, no dressin games etc) you can still make a pretty decent story using it.
Although more people would read your story if written on the web.
PM me if you need help.
What’s your story about? :stuck_out_tongue:

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