Need help bringing a vision to life

Okay so i have a vision of a freeze frame type of thing. I don’t exactly know how to explain it except its a way to introduce characters, i would want them to freeze, and have the background around them blur, then i’d put there credentials as an overlay… any ideas on how i could make that happen? Idk its been bugging me since last night as a way to introduce my MCs family.


I don’t rEaLLy know about the blur, but what you can do is edit the background and use a photo editor to make it blur and put it in when you are introducing them.
To add more effect, you could do a slow zoom and then type out the credentials and make them an overlay. As an alternative mayyybee you could turn the background black?

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He for freazing the character you can use end of the animation or make them to be in a pose animation so thay will not move or you can make them to an overlay. Depends on what you need.

The blur - douwnload the background use some picture editing program tu blur it save it as png and upload as overlay.
Than you simply by changin the opacity in time make the overlay vidible which will look like the background has blured.

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Yes, thank you! I think that could work also.

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That’s a great idea, I hadn’t thought of the background as an overlay, I will try it out and see what happens. Thank you!

I found this tutorial:

Thanks a million!

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That’s going to work out perfectly, exactly what i needed! I think that introducing the family in candid positions this way will make for great entertainment. I appreciate you locating that for me!

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