Need help—Chapter Ending

Main character is late to his ceremony— a right of passage for vampire hunters that allows them to retire and go back to their normal lives. He’s outside, banging the window as he watches the ceremony go on without him. Then he looks behind him noticing the two girls watching him eagerly.

The girls are going to kidnap him, but I do not know how to go on this as a cliffhanger. Suggs?

Other info: The girls are vampires

Just an idea:

You can have him notice the girls and then go back to looking through the window. As a cliffhanger, you end it with them kidnapping him. Or just not show the girls and end it with him being kidnapped. Leaving it with that, gives the readers suspense and curiosity of what could happen next.

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Okay, I get ya. I suppose I could have him look, ignore it, then look again and find one of the girls suddenly behind him.

Which one would strike you more as a reader?

  1. Jump scare, the girl appears behind him. Chapter end.

  2. He looks once, and turns around again. Then everything turns black.

  3. He sees a girl’s reflection in the window, he turns around and bam! He can’t see. End.

They’re all great but for me, personally, I would pick number 3. But instead of him noticing it, you could just have him continuing what’s he’s doing and then they grab him from behind. More suspenseful, in my opinion.

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