Need help choosing a story title

Hey folks. I’ve kinda been on a burnout lately since writing my current story, Over Before You Know It, so now a new story of mine is in the works! I already have most of the story written out, but I still need help deciding a name. The person whose title I choose will be able to make a character who has a role in the story and gets a shoutout in the episodes.

Here’s the synopsis of the story itself:

When Mallory Contreras, pictured below, is institutionalized after a suicide attempt, she learns that psychiatric wards are very different from what she thought- in some ways good, other ways bad.


institutionalized or
Good vs Bad Wards

I wasn’t gonna reply at first, but all of a sudden I thought of the title “Self Destruct.” Don’t know if that works for you, but just putting that out there. :slight_smile:

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Just a few ideas of some:
Psych Out
The Grass is Greener (As in it seems a lot better out of a psych ward than in one, and in different ones, and how expectations don’t meet all the time. This seemed to need an explanation.)
A New Routine

Some of these aren’t too good, but I hope I helped in some respect.

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Mentally Unstable? :woman_shrugging:t4:

Bump ;p

'Nother bump! This story still needs title ideas

Once upon A Time In a Ward

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Okay so basically I’ve wrote a story called The New Girl but then decided my story plot was too much like everyone else’s and wanted to write a brand new story that is fresh, so if guys have any ideas and it can just be brief please PM me :))

Thanks Issy xxx

^^ by fresh I mean new

Hey, I’ve chosen Psych Out as a title. Do you have an Instagram I can shout out you on or should I just shout out your forum account?

I don’t have an instagram, so my forum account will do.



Thank you for thinking to credit me, by the way. ^^

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