Need help choosing a title!

Hello! It’s me here, I would need help choosing a title for my story, please.

It’s theme is mystery, and I got three titles in mind, but I can’t choose one.

Let’s just say it’s about the main character sees her nemesis really worried about something. The MC wants to know what is bothering the nemesis, and tries to find out herself by sneaking in to Nemesis’ house.

Whatever lies in there does not only involve Nemesis, but also the MC and other people too.

Only a week to exit safely, by defeating whatever THAT is.

So, what title do you think would fit in?

  • 7 Days
  • Nemesis
  • Exit
  • Other (Comment)

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I think they’re all very-catching and great titles, actually, so I can’t choose! :laughing:
_However, I’d say “7 Days” is more suited if it’s a story tilted towards journey more, and “Nemesis” seems more action-based. “Exit” seems more like a thriller type.
Just my opinion, and I hope you find the best title!


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