Need help choosing a winner

Ok, I just wrapped up a contest and need help choosing a winner. They were portraying two young lovers, one gay, one straight being caught kissing it was their first one so alot passion


Coool what can I help with? :smile:

I can help too :blue_heart:

I can help also :slightly_smiling_face:

I could help you, what is it about?

I really like the third one :))

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Just posted the entry tell me which ones you like why which ones you don’t and why

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Posted the entries thank you

I like the third one, because it looks the most like episode characters and is really self drawn. It has a good quality and in general I think it did check most criteria.


Posted the entries thank you

Is there any others you liked if so any you hated why

Yeh I agree I love the third one I feel like thats what actual people would do. Its well drawn and nicely done.

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Any others you liked any you hated, please tell me why

I posted the entries

I like the art style of the third one :blush:

I like the third and fifth :blue_heart:

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We’re their any others you liked or didn’t tell why

Thank for your help!!!

i like this one


To be honest I love them all very talented lol, but personally I feel like the third one was my best option. I feel like it was nicely drawn with effort and very straight to the point like you can tell what the characters are doing in the scene when you look at them

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