Need Help - Coding Checklist (Tappable?)

Hey y’all! I’m working on my first story & I was hoping to create a checklist where the player could tap on the item to go to the scene where they would complete the item, then still have the ability to complete the other scenes on the checklist.

I started out thinking I would do this by having invisible tappable overlays on the choices & then making them visible after the choice was tapped but then I realized once I created the option for them to be tappable that I had no idea what else to do. I’m also totally open to other solutions if there’s an easier way to do this that’d still have a similar effect.

Can anyone help, please?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, so you would need to use labels and gotos for the reader to be able to go back. So you’re creating something like a menu and inside each choice is a mini game?

you want like a check box by the name or picture of the scene(s) they’ve already viewed and for it to exit out once theyve finished them all? I can help you out, but warning you it’s gonna be a lot of coding lol. I actually just made something similar the other day. how far have you gotten with your scene? if you send your script I can help you from there

yes, essentially like a menu w/ minigames!

basically i’d want this menu as an overlay so no matter what scene the character is in, they would have whatever room they’re in as the background to the phone hand


then I made overlays with X’s to check off each of the boxes. I started them at 0% opacity

I want the reader to be able to tap each one of the boxes to go to the different scenes, and @ the end of each scene for the menu overlay to come back up & whichever scene they just did, the X will pop up at 100% opacity.

@miller_k tbh I haven’t really gotten that far on the script because I got stuck so early & wasn’t even sure I was headed in the right direction. I was trying to solidify all the backgrounds / overlays / etc I’ll need to get approved since this is my 3rd chapter & it’ll be ready for publication after :slight_smile: but then I realized I had no idea at all how the heck to do this LOL

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haha no worries, its hard like I so get it. what you can do is add the checklist overlay to each of your scenes with x’s in their corresponding spots. once they finish the mini game or scene give them a flag. when the checklist comes up, do an if/else where if they gained a certain scene’s flag, then the corresponding x’s opacity goes to 1. you’ll also need to make either tiny boxes or just use the x’s as the tappables leading from your checklist to the next scene the reader chooses. the last thing you’ll want to do is make an if NOT for your tappable scene choices, where if they did not gain a flag by finishing a scene then they are able to tap on it.

overlay example:

if (finish_scene_1) {
&overlay BOX 1 opacity 1 in 0
} else {

if (finish_scene_2) {
&overlay BOX 2 opacity 1 in 0
} else {

tappable example:

“Box 1” if ( [NOT finish_scene_1] ) {
goto scene_1
} “Box 2” if ( [NOT finish_scene_2] ) {
goto scene_2
] etc.

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What @miller_k said :point_up_2:t2::joy: I was just reading Dara’s guide on the enabling and disabling choices and saw it works for tappables. If you got the patience for it, it’ll be great! I don’t have much patience and get confused easily so best of luck :sweat_smile: here is the link to Dara’s guide:

@miller_k @jade.epi y’all are both the best!! I’ve got to get back to real work now LOL but I hacked together a partial solution & i think i’ll be able to make it work. if i have any more questions would either of y’all mind if I reached out?


of course!

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