Need help coding this scene

I need help on how to code with this background, I want my character to appear in front of the bed but for some reason he appears behind it. I tried changing his layer placement and that did not still

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Did you instead try moving the overlay back instead? I have the same problem and sometimes that’s my solution!

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The scene doesn’t have an overlay, that I know that doesn’t use it, the background is from episode’s art catalog. I even maxed out the layer and that didn’t seem to work either

Can I see what you coded? Save your progress and refresh it also! It could be a glitch

Some of Episode’s backgrounds that have an overlay with them as a default don’t work too well. You might just have to upload a separate overlay of the bed and layer it behind your character.

I wanted to spot him so he would stand up from the bed that’s why I have him standing screen center

Would I have to upload the overlay that goes with this background so my character can appear the way I want him too?

You could try putting your character at layer -1 first.
But if that doesn’t work then yeah, I’d recommend that because Episode’s backgrounds with overlays in them normally make it more difficult.

Layering doesn’t seem help, I’ll just skip this part and write a different scene. I’m not good with spotting overlays yet I’m in the process of writing my first story lol

That background INT. LUXURY PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAY has an overlay with the same name: INT. LUXURY PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAY

You can find it in art catalogue.



&cut to zone 3

#then place characters at a higher layer.

&SANTIAGO GOMEZ spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 3 at layer 1 AND SANTIAGO GOMEZ faces left

#1.280 160 0 = screen center

HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

Spot conversion to placement: Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots

Would the overlay have to be in the exact same spot as the bed in the background scene or can it be off screen as well?

With that background, you can cover the bed which is part of the bg (so in the background) with the overlay, and layer character in front of bed overlay. Even when you place the bed overlay offscreen (yes, you can move it around like any other overlay) unfortunately the bed that comes with the bg still shows up (what I’ve noticed from testing). You could ask for the background to be edited without the bed in art resources category.

Alright thank you so much. I’ll have the background edited then

If I understand right from your first spot you still want the bed to be part of the BG you just need the episode overlay to be behind the character.

If so, you do not need to edit the BG you just need to set both your character and the included overlay to layers.

To set included overlay to layer you have to write


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I got it to work, thank you :relaxed:


@Sydney_H can you close this please and thank you :relaxed:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: