Need help coding this

Does anyone know how to let the reader view a document with writing on it? Also how do you let a reader see a picture of 2 people through the phone?

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All of that is overlays, layering, and background.

You can use this as a background.

For the first question, you can let the reader view that document as a background.

You are going to need a editing app to make the document, then resize that image, then upload it to your background account.

If you are talking about the conversation on the phone, meaning the phone background with two people, then you are going to use the phone background with two viewing overlays. Its like skype but different.

If you are talking about 2 backgrounds being split then, you will need a editing app to split backgrounds for your characters to have a side to side conversation on the phone.

Imma need help with it

Ok, what the first one that you need help with. The document.


ok, now, go to

Once you get there, go to “Edit a Photo” If you need to sigh up, then sigh up.

U have to pay for it?


Hm. actually, to make it easier, private message me your details for your document, I will do it for you, and the split background.

I will still help you learn how to do it by yourself. :wink:

You can make it a background or a tappable overlay depending on how big it is

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