Need help? Come here

If you need help then you come to the right place. Im good at outfits and a bit of coding, I don’t mind being a co-worker


I would like some help please

What do you need help with

In coding

What do you need to know or want me to go through it?

I think i will need your help

I’m having trouble with the charter actions

What do you need help with?

What about them? Like you don’t know what actions to go with the words?

I need help with having a character enter for example on the side it says ERROR use @character enters from X to screen Y

this is what i put in
@ET enters from side to position AND faces right

try writing @ET enters from left to screen right OR put right to left depending on what you want them to come in from

Yes because every time I put some kinda of command it says that this command doesn’t exist.

you should copy and paste on here how youre typing it or take a screenshot and show

I want to know how create a cloth in episode ?! Because I’m starting a new story and I want a custom dress for my carachters.

Le dim. 27 janv. 2019 à 2:09 AM, Finlay via Episode Forums a écrit :

@ET enters from left/right to screen/upscreen center/right/left AND ET faces left/right

Pm me the script

alright I’ll send it to you