Need Help! Cover and Story

Hey Guys,

I’m writing a new story, however i’m in need of a banner and art image. I cannot use these types of programmes to save my life. I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks :heart:

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I can help you :upside_down_face::sparkles:
Just tell me exactly what you need

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Thank you!
I need a banner, preferibly something romantic, not too personlised.
I also need an image for my story, its about a doctor who falls in love with their patient, i can send you images of the two main characters if that helps?

What do you want on the banner?
And what do you mean by image? (like a cover?)

Just the title of the story. It’s called ‘the Florence Nightingale Effect.’ With a nice design.

Hah yeah that’s what I meant. Couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was called :joy:

Ok I got it :joy::heart:

Can you send me the features of the characters (skin tones, eyebrows, face shape…)
And the outfits?

Sure thing I’ll send them just now!

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Girl: Rose 3, arched Natural chestnut brown, long curls, medium brown, female generic, blue deep heart soft, generic soft, full round pouty, rose matte.

Guy: neutral 3, furrowed straight s, chestnut brown, military fade cut, black dark, deepest downturned lidded, green, square jaw round cheek stubble, male generic, medium straight natural, beige rose


And the outfits please :blush:

Oops, sorry :joy:

Girl: belted jeans denim grey black, flower tank pattern tank silk pink amaranth, chunky sneakers leather pastel pink

Guy: penny loader ankle socks leather brown true, button up rolled up sleeves tucked cotton grey white, plaid belted pants cotton grey black, doctor stethoscope metal black, skull and roses arm tattoo.

Thank you
I will work on it and tell you when it’s done :sparkles::upside_down_face:

What background would you like for the cover and what title should I add? :thinking:

Can you add the title ‘The Florence Nightingale Effect’

Something light and pink please.

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Is this ok?

OMG i love it!! You have done a fantastic job :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Np, I’m glad you like it :upside_down_face::sparkles:

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