Need help creating a looping background

Hi ! I’ve been struggling for the past hours to make a perfect looping background, I tried @Dara.Amarie template, adjusting everything but I can’t.
Can someone please hellllp me it’s getting on my nerve.

First BG to loop


Second BG to loop


I will credit you
thank you so much i can’t bring myself to figure that one out.

:brown_heart: :brown_heart:

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Just look up the Joseph Evans tutorial on YouTube! It really helped me.

Check this out! I hope it helps you! :heartpulse: :sparkles:

Hey! i tried i even tried to adjust, do nothing, everything but there’s always a stop before it loops again

By that, do you mean it jumps back to the beginning and looks kinda glitchy?
If yes then make sure to firstly upload your background as an overlay, and it should be a 3 panel bg with the image size 1183 x 700.
Read carefully through Dara’s guide and i’m sure it’ll work out! :two_hearts:

Yes it looks glitchy
I aploaded my 3 panel BG and my overlay is the same size as my background
And i also tried 1183 x 700. overlay but still glitchy
idk why :purple_heart:

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I think it looks glitchy because your ends are different from one another. If the ends are not same it will look weird.


I hope this post helps:

Can you show me the bg you’re trying to loop? As @Adrija said, that could be the problem.

The backgrounds are here:

Hey, so I’m not really good at editing backgrounds but I have edited the first bg and posting it here. See if it works.

Oh i didn’t notice sjjsjs :sob:
the first one may work, but the woods background won’t since the trees won’t loop smoothly.

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Nope. The first one has an extra yellow thingy beginning. I edited that part.

My language lol :joy:

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JSHSJS no your language is good dw :relieved::sparkles:

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yes there’s that but what bothers me most is the “stop” glitch

i’ll try it ! What did you change ?

Can you copy the code here?

I just removed the yellow tape (I don’t know what it is called) thingy so that the left and right ends match.

oh yes thanks i didn’t even saw if back there ahah

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if you use Daras template - make sure you are in zone 1 since it doesnt work in the other zones.

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