Need help creating my story... Does anyone want to co-write with me?

I’m just starting to figure out how to use episode and I have a lot of ideas for a story… Is anyone interested in helping write and edit the story to publish it together… I know I’m just a newbie but I’d like to think I have a lot to offer.

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Ooooo me :blush:
Would you do it with me too

Yes that would be great!! :blush::smile:

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Hey I was wondering since you needed a writing partner (I know I’m a little late😂) Id be open to just read your story and give you feedback if you want.

Ok pm me :blush:

Yes either way we can even start and make our own story too! If you want

Yes sure that sounds fun! I’m not the best so if your alright with doing the majority or coding. But I’d love to help. Do you have any ideas for a storyline I have a couple. And you can call me Hailey by the way. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Ok are I’m fine with doing coding but are you familiar with the basic motions bc I’m still figuring them out and also you can call me Daniella :blush:

Ye I am. I can do simple stuff just not confusing things. Do you have any storyline ideas?

Yes I have two

i would love to help

Awesome I have some ideas but wbu?