Need help creating some backgrounds


Hey! I need help for some backgrounds In my story, below are some of the stuff that I’d like if you wanna help. (Story style:Ink)

Char: Girl: (Hair:Black messy bun)(Eyebrows:Seductive round) (Eyes: Upturned Luxe Blue) (Skin: Toffee) (Lips: Toffee) (Face: Oval)

Backgrounds: Need help with a “This story uses sounds and music” background and a “viewer discretion is advised” background. More details? I want them in a factory, this is a post apocalyptic story for those people who like them out their :wink:

Will give credit to creators.


Sure! I’d be happy to help!!




Just try so open more fonts


Sry, kinda confused their.


Haha do I’ll show you when I’ve finished give me 5


I mean features and characters to make writing more enjoyable






are you following me?


Could you send me a screen shot please? Of the character :sweat_smile:



Ok thanks!! What pose though?


What about the one where she holds the gun and she’s idle? Idk the name I forgot sry


Cool yeah don’t worry I’ve got it :blush: it’s idle_hold_gun


Cool thx!


I need different faces of both sex different emotions like kissing hug


What sorry? Are you sure you’re in the right thread?


Also what is the outfit haha


Oh lol right, my char is wearing those denim jeans and the grey crop top hoodie