Need help creating text overlays!

Hey guys! I’m in serious need of text overlays at the moment!
If you have access to anything that can create calligraphy fonts and neon like glows behind text please let me know! Even if you know someone that might be able to help me, it would be amazing if you could tag them below!

Can’t wait to head back from you guys! Thank you all for helping me!

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What I would normally do is make a transparent background and just use PowerPoint to put text over it and use any font or design there is. I would right click it when I’m done and click save as

But this may not work for everyone and may not have all the text options you want

It’s probably not a preferred method for most people, but I myself like to use Phonto on my phone, which allows me to download fonts from a font website. From there you can add shadows, outlines (or in other words, your “neon glow” effect), and gradients on the letters with colors of your choosing. You can create these on transparent backgrounds then upload them to your portal as overlays :slight_smile:

Heyyy, hun! You can get both things on Canva, if you wish I could make them for you, or just guide you on how to do it, hope I could help! (:

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I usually use this website to do any type of editing or overlays including text.

Hope this helps.

you’re welcom

Hey! I tried Canva but you have to pay for them to be transparent overlaays

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Does it work if you use a transparent background

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No, you have to pay for it

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