Need help crediting backgrounds!


Hi there! I want to use these two bedroom backgrounds, but I totally forgot where I got them from. I’ve been searching for hours and cannot find anything! Do these backgrounds look familiar? Please help since I want to properly credit the owner/creator.


The look like something that @shellyg might have made… if not her then idk…


I had a feeling, but her google doc is closed so I can’t know for sure. Hopefully it is her because I want to use these backgrounds asap. Thanks for the help


Do you have an instagram? Tech out to her there if possible…


I do. I might also PM her to see if it’s hers. Thanks for the suggestion!


Your welcome. There is on every other person who makes lots of backgrounds but I don’t remember her name… sorry…


It’s okay thank you! :blush:


There is a background sharing forum I saw that on.


Do you know which forum it is?


Let me try to find it for you!


Oh thank you so much! You’re a life saver! I kid you not, I’ve been searching for 3 hours…:sob:


So I won’t tag you in it as they are picky as what is posted on there. But I took a screenshot of it! It’s way down in the thread though if I remember correctly!


Thank you soooo much!!


You are very welcome!


I found the creator! @RogueNerd42 made it. Thank you so much!


@Jeremy close, please. I found the creator.


You’re very welcome! Glad I could help!