Need help deciding on a story


I’ve had two solid story ideas for a while and I keep going back and forth between them. I need some feedback as to which story the reader would rather read. Not saying I’m for sure going to make one of these stories because I’m still going back and forth between different ideas but these are my favorite:

  1. You’re a rebellious teenager with a royal lineage, and on your 18th birthday you’re set to be married in your home country. Will you ever shape up to be a proper princess? CC
  2. Selene is a famous model with everything she could ever want, but the reality is that the world of fame can be dark, and wealth can’t fix any amount of pain. CC


I would prefer the first one over the second.

They’re both great ideas btw :+1:


I say 1 but try making a poll :grin:

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  • 2

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Thank you :two_hearts:


Thanks, I wanted to but didn’t know how lol😂