Need help designing my small and big cover anyone a really good Artist?


I have a story in the process call Street Talk and I need a small and a big cover any good Artist that would like to help a girl out?


sure what are the deatils


Go here


EpisodeStudio would love to help you as well!!


thanks well its about a street girl who gets a job as an assistant for a fashion company and slowly her and her boss fall for each other and I have no ideas for my covers. Here is what the main characters look like


what are the characters deatils


Maybe do a split background have street half fashion studio


what is the story title

what is the author name

when do you want it

do you want the characters edited

do you want any cool overlays


My idea is probably lame… lol but when I read what you wrote that was the first ten that popped into my head… lol


If you want I can do this?


Street Talk
Sabrina C.
Yes I want the guy looking fancy and the girl looking rough
Any overlays will be nice


Would you be ok if one of us did large and one did small???


there is no lame ideas please if anything i would love your help


I don’t have a problem with it


I’m good with ideas… lol not always good at making them the way I see in my mind… lol


I pefer the small is that okay?


yes it’s fine thank you


Perfect! I love large


omg thanks a lot!


Yay!!! Is there an certain outfits you would like are can we change them??