Need Help Developing A Plot

Hey everyone! So I’m working on a new story called Demigods. If anyone is familiar with the Percy Jackson series it has a similar plot. The general idea is that it incorporates Greek mythology characters and the gods into a modern day society. I just need help thinking of a good plot. I was thinking something along the lines of a group of demigods (children of the gods) get sent on a quest/mission to__________. If anyone can help me work on this plot, that would be great!

If you have any ideas on what the conflict should be, or what they should be trying to get, reach out to me on instagram @edenmyers_episode or write it down below.

This would be great plot and I would love to help you with some aspects of your story but just keep in mind that there is another story quite similar to your plot out there called “Legacy”. So make sure your story is drastically different from it cause you don’t wanna be accidentally called out for copying.

Oh yeah I read that story. Maybe we can find another plot not as similar

Of course and I would love to help you. I’m terrible at coming up with ideas though. It literally took me ages to come up with a plot for my story. So what genre are you looking for? And can we continue talking in the pm’s I don’t want people to steal ur ideas. :joy:

Okay I’ll have to think about it some more tonight but I can get back to you tomorrow :grin:

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Of course. :blush:

They get senton a dangerous mission in the underworld to rescue a god with disabled powers and it takes weeks to complete complete mission

That’s a really cool idea but kind of similar to the second Percy Jackson series. But it could work if we change some elements to it!!!

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