Need help - does anyone know what to do about this?

I’ve tried everything, I’ll have to just wait for my help ticket to be replied to

I would download ccleaner if you don’t have it. Use it to get rid of anything that is blocking the system. You will need to go in and mark what you want to be deleted and what you dont want to be deleted. If you do download it and your using chrome it’s going to be under the applications tab instead of the internet app since windows 10 or safari doesn’t come with chrome as it’s main internet source. Not saying this is the problem but it might help with future issuses that rise up.

Okay, thanks

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No problem, I hope your problem with the web previewer is fixed soon.

oh god thats horrifying

I can’t even write a story :pensive::woman_shrugging:

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Have they responded to your support ticket yet? Also, have you deleted that one episode and made a new one to see if it’s just that one episode glitching?

All the episodes are like this and all the other stories. They haven’t replied yet either

Did you try another broswer?

Yes it still isn’t working, I think it’s just my writers portal

Weird, that’s a good possibility. Did you reaccept the cookies and term of agreement when you logged back?

I’m not sure, I can’t remember