Need help doing choices.Pls help


I want to give my readers the chance to choose between continuing my story even though its graphic OR not continuing the story due to it being highly controversial. Here is a picture.

I just really need help with doing choices on “Would you like to continue reading the story?” and then the story continues or people having the choice to not continue because they’ve read the warning, so i want them to be able to see that Im telling them “Sorry to see you go.” I hope this makes sense or someone can help.



Before the music add a label called story_start. Then for yes type in goto story_start.
At the very beginning put a label answered_no, and for the no choices type in goto answered_no.

You can put whatever messages you want before the goto under each choice.


What you would need to do in this situation is insert a label. I do not currently have a computer but It would be much easier to explain so I’ll trunk my best on my phone :joy:

For ex:

Would you like to continue?

Yes! {
Goto yes

} no {
Goto no

Label no
sorry to see you go!

Label yes
Alright, let’s continue!!

*labels are places within the script where you can go straight to if you say goto name of label

Feel free to change the name of the labels, but if you do, make sure to change the gotos! Hope this made a bit of sense, if you still need help let me know :smiley:


Thank you so much for your reply but im a little confused on the no part, do you mind restating that part?


Thank you so much, let me try that.


Basically what jkdelbian typed is what I was talking about.


Ya might need to make a couple edits. Lemme know


label replay_message

Do you want to continue?
Great! Let’s continue.
goto story_start
I’m sorry to see you go. Just press the little door up top to exit.
goto replay_message

label story_start
This is where we begin.

@jkdelbian was missing a couple of brackets, but other than that is about the same.


Probably a much better explanation :joy::clap:t2::clap:t2: Yeah I was just giving the general way to use labels. This should help u a bit more


:frowning: i can’t figure out the no part.


Don’t use an underscore between the word label and your actual label. I would also advise against one word labels. They can get weird.


Don’t say goto label no. Just say goto no. And remove the _ from no


i literally wont be able to sleep until i figure this out


Try copy and pasting mine into the script. With what you have now, it will bring the reader to the story even if they say no. But the current issue is that you aren’t making no the label. No should come on the line before narrator as label no.


thank you! I got it! <3