Need help editing overlays

So for part of my story I have some sandstorm overlays, but my problem is the edges.
The edges for each PNG are cut off and rather rough looking when I use them, and I haven’t been able to find a way to smooth out the edges to make it all look better overall
If anyone could help out, I have the PNGs I’m using attached.

(TL;DR I need the edges to go from a hard line to a gradual one)


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Try to use Picsart! :relaxed:

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Oooo, okay, I’ll check it out!

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I would offer to help. I am about to go to bed and cant do it tommorow. but if you still have not figured out on friday. i can make some for you

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I’m definitely gonna keep trying some editing software myself, and I’ll have the post updated (or probably deleted) if I do figure it out.
Thanks for the offer!

I can help out if you still need it

Yes definitely :sweat_smile:


Great snakes you’ve done it.
Thanks so much! Would you like me to credit you in the story at all?

Nah no credit needed. Let me know if it needs to be edited again

Gotcha, thanks again mate!