Need help finding a coder or partner!(LL)

Im a total newbie to this and would like to find a partner, coder, or copartner that knows how to code, and can give me ideas for the story im creating as well as ideas like what title can the story be ! My insta is @zairablossom i can really use the help!:heart::heart::cherry_blossom:


Hey, I’m new to this as well. I currently have two stories I’m writing but I’m not the best coder.

If you’d like we can talk about some new ideas for your story unless you have any other ideas.

Anyways let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey mya im intrested i sent you a friend request on insta to talk more into details-:cherry_blossom::heart:

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Hey, I accepted and I requested to follow you back.

Send me a dm and we can talk more tomorrow? Because I’m about to go to sleep.

hey i am new at this to i am interested in having a coder or copartner

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve been writing on episode (but not yet publishing) for 5 yrs so if u need any help with coding lemme know!

i code :slight_smile: i also write too <3

I may need help later