Need help finding a sad quote

Hey guys I need some help here.

So I’m on my younger sister school’s laptop rn and I can’t seem to find this quote on Pixabay and Unsplash

Does anyone know where I can find it other then google and Pinterest?

If anyone does, it would help a lot. Thank you x

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You can maybe make it yourself…?
If it’s a famous enough quote I think you can use it, as long as you put who wrote/said it. You can use a drawing app, make the background black, use a typing feature to type words, and then done! Just save it and upload.

I think I found one (on Google so that you can make one yourself) the image is kind of triggering so I’m going to blur. Be prepared…


there r some apps, u can search ‘quotes’ on playstore

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Yh I could, thanks and idk, I think I got it from the internet/google bk in 2016-17 and ok, thanks for the suggestion :blush:

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Ok thanks

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No problem!
And btw, happy forums anniversary!

HAPPY FORUMS ANNIVERSARY! TO YOU TOO!!! Do you know if the picture needs to be JPEG or PNG?

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Um actually I was talking to you :sweat_smile: you have a cake symbol by your name

I don’t know

Ik that now, thanks and ok, I’ll ask someone else or find out on the episode website

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If you create you’re own edit picture for a cover, does the picture needs to be JPEG or PNG?

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Any format works :heart:

Any? Awesome, thanks!!!

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Yeah i think so, and no problem!! :hearts:


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