Need help finding a specific art shop!

So ages ago I requested a cover from someone but I cannot remember who it was.

All I remember that the examples at the art shop had one with Yuno from Mirai Nikki but she looked kinda chibi and some blond boy who also looked the same style.

And some time ago she tagged people from the waiting list to check of they still want their request, but now I can’t find it anywhere.

Does anyone know which art shop it could be? I tried searching art shops but there so many of them so I wasn’t able to find the one I requested in.



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Galaxy Art Shop? Idk

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Do you remember what you requested?

Yeah I remember what I requested but I can’t remember who it was from and I also can’t find my request from my profile

Try searching up art shop in the search bar than go to the side bar and presses I read and posted in

Nope still can’t find it

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