Need help finding a story (fantasy) Found it!

So I was reading a story a few weeks ago but I think I accidentally removed it from my favourites by accident and now I can’t remember it’s name! :sob:

It’s a fantasy story, about three people who were on a school trip to the museum when the y entered a closed room and accidentally broke an ancient Egyptian scarab beetle. Then an Egyptian god appeared in front of them and told them that the part of the beetle were scattered all over time and they have to collect all the pieces to get back to their own time.
They started searching in Ancient Egypt, then underwater with a bunch of mermaids and a talking shark (or was it a whale or an octopus) then they were thrown to a space ship in the future and they meet Zeus and he told the MC to scrub the floors. That’s about were I stopped! :sob: :sob: :sob:

I have no idea how i remember all that but I can’t remember the story’s name! :pleading_face:

It’s not ‘Through The Worlds’ is it? I haven’t read the story yet but the cover looks like that could be the plot (:

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Or 'Tangled In Time

(I haven’t read either of these yet (:

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IT IS! :sob:
THANK YOU SO MUCH! :star_struck:
I was losing my mind trying to remember it! :see_no_evil: Crazy way that my brain works, it remembers the whole plot of a story but not the title! :thinking:


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i haven’t read this own either :thinking:

You’re Welcome (:

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@Sydney_H please close this topic :grin:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: