Need help finding a story I read a while ago?

I can’t find the name of a story I read a while ago. It was a reality show competition where everyone was paired up and people kept going home and then the character that you played had the choice of dating the host. I think his name might have been Ryan but I’m not sure and I can’t remember if it was in ink or limelight. Please help its bugging me so bad!!


Was it The Acting Game? People got paired up in season 2

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Hi, :wave:t2: Is it Love on Fire :hearts: :fire: which is an Episode Original Story? :thinking:

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Omg yes thank you so much! It was the acting game!

Hi everyone! I also need help finding a story I read a while back: it was about a girl who goes on tour with a band and photographs them idk I think one of the guys name was Zane or Zander? Been trying to figure out what it’s called for a while now. Any help is appreciated!

On Tour by S.M. Murphy :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, Even I need to find the story I have been searching for ages :disappointed: :sweat_smile:.

The story description js here:- Can't find a story! Please help!😥
Sorry for the long description though

With love :blob_hearts:
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guys help i can’t find the story i was reading it’s about like you have a boyfriend named stefen or something like that then he cheats on you and you talk to this other guy named ian and i don’t know anything else HELP PLEASE

i also forgot the name of the story i was reading i remember it was about your character and your boyfriend stefen cheated on you with another girl while he was on a trip then you meet a guy named IAN and he helps you get through it that’s all i know help please

Rebounding With Bad is the story with Stefan & Ian.

I also need help finding a story I was reading. it was about a girl and she was the mayors daughter and had these two friends next door that were the turners and their names where Slade and Sofia but the soon moved away and came back years later and now she is mad at them because the were not there when her mom passed away. Hope this description helps it was also LL

Yassss me toooo! I have been needing help finding a story I read a while ago and I can’t find it no more!! It has been bothering me big time :sob::raised_hand:t4: Can y’all help ? All I remember it was about a girl who fell in love with like the popular football star? I think his name was brat or brad I don’t know :sob::rofl: and the girl was blonde and they were in high school, there was also a mean girl but I don’t remember her name tho, I read this story like a few years back ? And I remember the author made another following story to the first one where they have a family already ? If y’all could help I would love that and if I can’t find it, welp, oh well then ! You guys have a great day !:heavy_heart_exclamation:

Have you found it yet? I’m also looking for it

found the story you’re talking about! it’s become a featured story called “unPERFECT CHEARLEADER” by LadyDianna.

hey i need help finding a story i read a while ago. this blonde hair guy is part of a mafia and his bestfriends are too. i only remember the name of one that was santini. the blonde guy fell in love with a girl too and she was part of a gang too but he didnt know it. later she gets pregnant by him with twins and when she went to tell him he was with a girl in his room. she left and didnt say a word. years pass now and he owns a company with a secretary named maraibelle i think,something like that. anyways they meet again and now they face the threat of a guy with yellow hair. he is after the twins and i didnt know what happens next. im so lost i tried finfing it youtube because i saw it there and i cant remember the name.
someone please help me